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    Mobik - for the love of children

    Mobik je môj kamoš veľký,
    učí plávať všetky deti.
    Keď počujem "Mobik", kričím hurááá,
    hneď mám úsmev ako zemeguľa.
    Čo Vám budem hovoriť,
    choďte sa tam presvedčiť.
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    We choose the middle mean

    Submerging a baby underwater should not be forced or adult controlled.

    Why submerge infants ourselves when it is better to wait for them until they do it themselves?

  • We do not submerge babies younger than 1 year

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    Why swimming with Mobik?

    We respect individuality of every single child

    We create a stimulating environment for children’s joy. The safety,
    health and the well-being of your baby come for us first. The smile on your child’s face is our best reward.

    Relationship to water – healthy development – increased immunity of your child

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The journey is a process, not a status

I would like to start by mentioning what is the most important thing in my life for me... my children. I am a mother of three, now almost adult children. You know it... The desire of women is to show that despite misfortunes in life we are not only great mothers, but also the ones who are capable of providing our families with everything they need... and that one day we will be able to say: ‘I do what I love’.

Women can sometimes give an impression of being feminist and emancipated, but it is not so... Life brings different situations in which we simply have no other choice than to pull ourselves together and go on despite the obstacles we have to face. The long periods spent on my maternity leaves, my divorce, two jobs, the ability to sustain my family is what cost me a great deal of effort. But I did not give up.


When I love something, there is nothing to question

As a former professional swimmer and a junior representative in this sport, I have always loved water. Moreover, my star sign is Pisces. And ‘fish’ cannot survive without water... When I was a student I wanted to do physical rehabilitation. After unsuccessful attempts to get admitted to a Faculty of Medicine to study medical science, I finally decided to study rehabilitation nursing at a Nursing college. And this was a turning point in my both professional and private life.

Trying to find the right job for me I went through several jobs from an assistant in a revitalisation centre, a rehabilitation worker at the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, a real-estate broker to the position of an assistant to a physician. At that time I did not realise yet how I would be able to get the most out of my gained experience in the job of my dreams that came later on. All those jobs I had involved work with people and it is work with people I have always been best in! But it was a job of a baby swimming instructor that enchanted me the most as a mother. I tried baby swimming with my eldest daughter first, then with the second-born and with my son at last. I gradually worked my way up from an instructor to a head instructor. Today I know that this is not just my job. It is my life-long love, my joy, relax and my life mission. Yet a great responsibility at the same time.


I had been made redundant and then I got a new impetus - that it was time for a change

Life often surprises us with unpleasant unforeseen situations. The loss of job is definitely one of them. And it is only time which will tell what they were good. Being an employee has many pros, especially financial ones. But, my inner desire for freedom and self-realisation was stronger. It suppressed me inside and I did not want to resist it any longer.


I have made a decision!

The year 2009 came and it was time to fulfil my dream. My dream of opening the Aqua Baby Club in Bratislava. My professional experience and love for children and people gave me the energy and zest to start my own business. I did not know what was awaiting me then. I found much inspiration in my own professional experience, in books and management courses. I also searched for information abroad. I was risking so much from my love to what I believed in.First and foremost, I did not want to go with the flow, but to do things differently knowing exactly what I wanted to bring children and their parents and why. I had a clear idea: We were not going to offer the ‘signal swimming’. This is what our philosophy has been built on!


MOBIK in numbers

2009/09 – AQUA BABY MOBIK club was founded in Bratislava (operation in Pasienky – the New Town)

2010/10 – our operation in Ružinov opened

2011/03 - the closure of our operation in Pasienky

2011/04 - creation of our own Mobik registration and booking system

2013/10 – another operation in Šamorín opened

09/2014 - the number of registered parents in the MOBIK system reaches 1991 adults and 4400 children

2014/10 - a new website launched


The work on children’s joy and smile is awesome. Naturally, some hesitations emerged in the course of time with the question whether what I was doing was right. I got also exhausted and overworked with a few moments when I was crying. My personal responsibility for my team, clients’ satisfaction, monthly bills, doing everything myself, decision-making, planning, being reachable on my mobile and e-mail 24 hours a day and being an instructor – this all became unbearable. In addition to this I was a self-employed person and a mother of three. Without the help of my mother and parents, I would not be able to overcome this.

But it was worth it. We are glad that we are the only baby swimming club on the market that can provide mothers with an unlimited number of replacement lessons if they are unable to attend the scheduled ones. Our team is still growing and it pleases us that the interest and favour of new mothers and ‘little’ swimmers is continually on increase which is for me the best reward.


Conditions are changing, but our love remains

The Mobik’s ever growing family and our thirst for further improvement of our services brought the need for me to devote my time entirely to managerial work, the issues of baby diving, professional activities, writing articles to journals and training activities within The Slovak Association of Aqua Children which was established in 2011.

At present, besides other things, I am delighted to pass on my experience to instructors at different training events and to spread further the latest information and experience from conferences including the ones taking place on international level. 


Mobik - my big family

This work is not about money and doing business at large. It’s my life mission to help people, young families and children to make further progress. To live a healthy life, to develop and to socialise. Because we all are one big family. And family is about support, understanding and harmonious environment. Every single ‘Mobíček’ enrolled on one of our courses is a part of our ever-growing family for what I am grateful to you. Thank you for your confidence..


It is an honor to me to create for you an environment which is hopefully not just about swimming.

With love, Monika