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    Mobik - for the love of children

    Mobik je môj kamoš veľký,
    učí plávať všetky deti.
    Keď počujem "Mobik", kričím hurááá,
    hneď mám úsmev ako zemeguľa.
    Čo Vám budem hovoriť,
    choďte sa tam presvedčiť.
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    We choose the middle mean

    Submerging a baby underwater should not be forced or adult controlled.

    Why submerge infants ourselves when it is better to wait for them until they do it themselves?

  • We do not submerge babies younger than 1 year

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    Why swimming with Mobik?

    We respect individuality of every single child

    We create a stimulating environment for children’s joy. The safety,
    health and the well-being of your baby come for us first. The smile on your child’s face is our best reward.

    Relationship to water – healthy development – increased immunity of your child

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I strongly recommend Mobik in Ružinov. Great instructors, nice environment, warm water and the availability of sauna and jacuzzi. We were 100% satisfied. (kvetinqa)

We have been going to Mobik for already 4 months now and are totally satisfied !!!! (natashkaa)

We went to Mobik in the past, and maximum satisfaction.(pipka)

Have a nice day moms, in Bratislava, I can only recommend the MOBIK (www.mobik.eu). Before we visited MOBIK and 2 other swimming courses and we were very satisfied. In Mobik, we were pleasantly surprised. Very friendly and helpful staff, I feel that there is no problem, all you have is fully available. You only need a bathing suit and towel (and if you forget it, and others are willing to help). We are still in a pool cover, hour by hour on the small I see progress. When I say small, let's go to swim, she is excited, so satisfaction is even from her party. When you swim, we're still in the hot tub doesn't everyone?. Small spills's personally from the pots in the water, and I'll keep a little back massage. Then shower and then we go to the sauna with a small (two saunas are available, place enough). The pool areas are kept clean, as well as dressing rooms, showers. In the whole area of the swimming pool, showers, hot tub for children is a constant temperature. As well as in the showers and changing rooms for mothers, so no "thermal bridge". Never happened to me, that I felt the winter and it was mainly important enough in the winter season. After swimming, you can take advantage of the children's corner, where children love to play, they have plenty of dining chairs, lounge chairs. You have a microwave available... Maybe soon in the water together with the children we meet. Marcel s Naty (mrcicek)

I agree with everything posted above. I have attended lessons in Mobik since January in the coldest weather. Since Mobik is only a ten-minute walk from where I live, I used to walk to Mobik with my baby-girl only in scarf. The staff is helpful and willing and I appreciate the warm environment and the sauna. My baby-girl always looks forward to swimming in Mobik and does not want to go home. (ivanka.7)

Samples of congratulations to the 5th birthday of Mobik


Thank you very much for all the wishes and nice words. We are pleased that the Mobik club makes you feel great. Your favour is very obliging for us. Your Mobik team