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    Mobik - for the love of children

    Mobik je môj kamoš veľký,
    učí plávať všetky deti.
    Keď počujem "Mobik", kričím hurááá,
    hneď mám úsmev ako zemeguľa.
    Čo Vám budem hovoriť,
    choďte sa tam presvedčiť.
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    We choose the middle mean

    Submerging a baby underwater should not be forced or adult controlled.

    Why submerge infants ourselves when it is better to wait for them until they do it themselves?

  • We do not submerge babies younger than 1 year

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    Why swimming with Mobik?

    We respect individuality of every single child

    We create a stimulating environment for children’s joy. The safety,
    health and the well-being of your baby come for us first. The smile on your child’s face is our best reward.

    Relationship to water – healthy development – increased immunity of your child

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forming a habit of getting water on the face falls and jumps into the water from the lower, later from higher positions  positioning the baby on its back
hunting objects        hardening of the body      sauna      instructions on proper handling of the baby


Baby and toddler swimming is not about teaching swimming itself, but it is about kinetic and social activities of children. It has a positive effect on stabilisation of the body and motor functions of your baby, and it develops the baby's communication skills.


The term "swimming" of infants and toddlers is not a particularly accurate naming. The term ‘hydrotherapy‘ should be used instead because the beneficial effect of water acts for children as a therapy.

It is ideal to start with HYDROTHERAPY at the time when your child is gaining experience, but yet has no inhibitions against new things. Babies aged 4 months or older may start swimming under the supervision of a professional instructor. It is important to know how to swim and not to hurt the baby. From the point of view of health, the child strengthens its IMMUNITY, hardens its body and acquires a higher resistance to illnesses.


children can easily acquire the necessary motor skills, strengthen certain muscle groups while swimming helps to suppress some developmental deviations. In this non-violent way children master breathing exercises which act as a prevention of respiratory diseases.


we have achieved very good results in children suffering from motoric or coordination deviations, especially in the case of hypotonic ones or the condition known as the "lazy child syndrome".


Swimming is also about "social" training. Children contact each other for the first time and get used to the team. After having left the working team, mothers on maternity leaves fit into the Mobik family very quickly.

Welcome to Mobiku :-)


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