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    Mobik - for the love of children

    Mobik je môj kamoš veľký,
    učí plávať všetky deti.
    Keď počujem "Mobik", kričím hurááá,
    hneď mám úsmev ako zemeguľa.
    Čo Vám budem hovoriť,
    choďte sa tam presvedčiť.
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    We choose the middle mean

    Submerging a baby underwater should not be forced or adult controlled.

    Why submerge infants ourselves when it is better to wait for them until they do it themselves?

  • We do not submerge babies younger than 1 year

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    Why swimming with Mobik?

    We respect individuality of every single child

    We create a stimulating environment for children’s joy. The safety,
    health and the well-being of your baby come for us first. The smile on your child’s face is our best reward.

    Relationship to water – healthy development – increased immunity of your child

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MUDr. Igor Bukovský, PhD.

Consultant for a healthy diet

Mrs Zemanová, the owner of Mobik, contributed to a book written by Dr. Bukovský in the section “Sport and children“ by giving an interview.



MUDr. Igor Bukovský, PhD. (* 1966, Martin) is a Slovak physician who has devoted his career to nutritional issues and trends in health-enhancing lifestyle since 1989. He graduated from Medical School of Jesenius faculty in Martin and Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava. In 2004 he opened the Clinic of Clinical Nutrition in Bratislava and published several books. 

Man lives from what he eats. Nutrition is becoming an important tool in the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Dr. Igor Bukovský has been addressing the issues of healthy diet since 1989.


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