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    Mobik - for the love of children

    Mobik je môj kamoš veľký,
    učí plávať všetky deti.
    Keď počujem "Mobik", kričím hurááá,
    hneď mám úsmev ako zemeguľa.
    Čo Vám budem hovoriť,
    choďte sa tam presvedčiť.
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    We choose the middle mean

    Submerging a baby underwater should not be forced or adult controlled.

    Why submerge infants ourselves when it is better to wait for them until they do it themselves?

  • We do not submerge babies younger than 1 year

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    Why swimming with Mobik?

    We respect individuality of every single child

    We create a stimulating environment for children’s joy. The safety,
    health and the well-being of your baby come for us first. The smile on your child’s face is our best reward.

    Relationship to water – healthy development – increased immunity of your child

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školička plávania mobikOur swimming kindergarten is not only organised for individuals, but also for children from kindergartens in general. We will arrange for your a swimming course. We will elabortate a precise timetable for swimming courses according to your needs in the following categories: "mobiček", "mobik" and "mobidyk".

Organisation of courses

Courses for kindergartens are organised throughout the school year.

There ares 6 children aged 3-5 years per course.

 Alternative courses available

♥ Pre-swimming preparation ♥ Basics of swimming styles


For a non-binding price quote for your kindergarten, please send your requirements to us:

course date –month quantity - number of lessons frequency – once or twice per week age and number of course applicants.

If you would like to receive a non-binding price quote, please feel free to contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Basic information

2 instructors (supervisor + another one outside the swimming pool)

Stay in water for cca 30 minutes + 15 minutes sauna

January 2015 - 01. - 30.01. 2015 (8 lessons)

Monday – Friday (2 times per week)

Fee: 90 €/child

Course Content

basic swimming skills, breathing into the water, diving, underwater orientation, floating (breaststroke and backstroke), jumps and falls into the water, imitation of simple swimming movements

Necessary things

swimming cap, bathing suit, towel / bath towel, rucksack and sandals. The hairdryer is available in the changing-room.

All children will receive a "wet" diploma with photos upon completion of the course.

Transport: individual


The basic objective of the swimming course is to help children get rid of the fear of water, teach them basic swimming skills and to build up their immune system by regular exercising in water. Children will get prepared for mastering different swimming styles within the scope of the swimming kindergarten. Our courses for children run under the supervision of professional coaches, the university gradutes from FTVŠ, using a variety of toys and swimming aids, for example: swimmming pontoons, water cylinders, swimming belts, swimming boards of different shapes, balls, aqua animals, circles.


Practicing in the water has a form of games, breathing, floating, orientation on the surface and underwater, the harmony of breathing and floating.

♥ children aged 3-6 years – we eliminate the potential fear of water

♥ joy of children from swimming, positive and professional approach of our coaches

♥ personal and individual approach

♥ small number of children in one group

Apology in case of absence and compensation for missed lessons

In case of illness, each course participant has the opportunity to replace 2 missed lessons no later than on the last lesson of the completion of the course.